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July 02, 2008


Nancy Dault

You must be psychic. I felt like what you wrote was for me. It is the beautiful photo that drew me in so I would read and hear. Thank you!

Sheila Finkelstein

Thank you, Nancy, for letting me know that the Rose photo and writing made a difference for you.

Getting feedback such as yours empowers me to continue with what I'm up to.

With great appreciation,


What gorgeous roses!! I could almost smell them from here.

Suzanne Holman

Sheila, I loved seeing the beautifully rich photos of the roses and baby's breath!
AND, even more, what you wrote about how your photography relates to life...the background vs where we are strongly and narrowly focused.
Thank you for your contribution to the awakening of all of us!

Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks so much for the acknowledgment, Suzanne. I truly appreciate your commenting on the content of my writing as well as the photos.

Sheila Finkelstein

Thank you so much for your comments and acknowledgment.

I'm sorry I did not respond sooner. Your statement "...a little flow. Flow through it for a bit instead of pushing against it and see what develops - no photography pun intended..."

has been taking me a while to absorb. It may be that in the imagery of "being up against it",
I can't visualize "flowing through". It's like "How can you flow through a wall?"

One certainly can shift, flow around. "Flowing through" conjures up the image of a ghost for me.

Thanks again for sharing.

Marifran Korb

Dear Sheila,
To your question: "Is there anyone in your life who has contributed to you in some way whom you could be acknowleding?" my first answer is you, Sheila. Not only have you pointed out an alternative to the State of Funk, but you opened a whole new world for me. The biggest effect is that I see 'ordinary' things in a heightened way. While I did notice things before, it wasn't with the same depth of fascination and it wasn't with quite as many things. Now alert to the magic inherent everywhere, I see nuances. I'm sure I will continually discover more on this new Life of Joy.
Thank you for your wisdom and generosity,

Sheila Finkelstein

What an AWEsome testimonial, Marifran! Thank you so much.

I love your statement, "... an alternative to the State of Funk." What a neat expression.

It's also Particularly interesting, since today's issue of Picture to Ponder that just went out was about having fun. (see post right after this one)

Thanks again.

With deep appreciation,

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