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July 16, 2008


RS Mallory

Hello Sheila,

Your Purple Gallinule teaches us a great lesson in Perception! Is he or isn't he, that is the question! We must always be sure to take a step back when we come to decisin or judgement and BE SURE that we look at all sides.

Thanks for the lovely photos AND the lessons contained therein!


RS Mallory
Compassionate Marketing


at first I just stared at the wings thinking how angelic and then I saw the legs and burst out laughing.
what a hoot
love and blessing

Nancy Dault

I think fun is exactly the right word for this bird. It made me happy just to see him. When I am having fun, I feel like I am in perfect harmony with the Universe. The reason I like nature so much is that it can always take me right there.

I appreciate your work. I think this is the work you were meant to do!

Nancy D


In the second photo of the gallinule, she is holding out her foot and exclaiming, "I sure do need a peddy, doncha think?"

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