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July 08, 2008



Lovely writing ...
Sheila eats these flowers ... no really I have seen her do it.

Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks for the laugh and acknowledgment, Rebecca. I had the thought of mentioning eating the flowers. Maybe next issue if/when I feature the Purple Gallinule eating them.

Nancy Dault

You said 2 things I could relate to today. First, worrying that you are repeating a subject. I do the same in my writing, having to go back and make sure I didn't tell the same story twice. And the second--oh so relevant! Thinking that what moves me would bore others. It was by writing about what is most real to me that is getting me published. If people only knew, then everyone would be published!

Sheila Finkelstein

What valuable and affirming feedback, Nancy. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Tell us more. What books are you having published and by whom? When?

Nancy Dault

My book is entitled My Experiences with Animals. It's being published by Publish America within the next year.

Thanks for asking!


Beautiful photos Sheila!

In the first photo - the purple and white flower reminded me of a dancer... I don't quite know why it struck me that way, but it did. I'm a dancer - so I'm sure that had something to do with it LOL!

But the emotion that was inspired in me was that sometimes we need to flow.

Sometimes if something is unfinished, it's because the energy isn't quite right - and what is called for is a little flow. Flow through it for a bit instead of pushing against it and see what develops - no photography pun intended ;)

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