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June 26, 2008


Lauren Strouse

There is something really appealing about this photo - it has a brightness, and "aliveness," to it. Your poem inspired me to write about the fires we are experiencing here in northern California

Hills that I see each day
green or golden
depending on the season
now silhouettes
behind a gray curtain
Would that it were some fairy mist, come to lull us
into sleepy bliss
so that we might frolick
through the night
join in song and dance
and games of play
But this twilight shroud
no joy brings
It stifles breath and
tears the eye
sends feathered and furry friends in search of
bluer skies
Doors shut tight against
acrid fingers
Windows as though winter winds blow chill
No free spirits
dancing in the night
but prisoners are we
Fire and smoke rule the day
The hills have vanished
into ghostly gray

Sheila Finkelstein

What a poignant, powerful and tragic picture you paint, Lauren. I can see it, feel it, the imagery permeating through my soul.

Amazing contrast as you start out suggesting the "fairy picture", that much more heightening the tragedy of what's happening.

Have you submitted this to any papers or publications in your area?

Lastly, thank you for acknowledging my small part in your creating this masterpiece.


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