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May 29, 2008



Thanks for the nudge to "simply step out and do at least one small thing." I needed that, and tomorrow I shall do ... one small thing. Like that young finch, and the orange blossom, one small thing will grow into much more.

Ambivalence, begone!


I love these photos. Is that a leaf the Finch is perched upon?

The bird seems to be going through a change. As if it is losing its baby fur, it has thicker and softer
fuzz in some places that are a lighter shade.

Yes, the colors of the two pictures go wonderfully together. There are
lovely themes that alternately contrast and complement.

The soft vs. sharp theme includes the rounded edges of the leaves within
the picture of the spiky flower. Also, what great contrast the soft Finch is
with the sharp flower. Of course, the flower may not actually feel sharp, but
the edgy visual is strikingly different.

A complementing theme is the bird feet mirror the flower's pointed shape.
The beak on that bird could be very prickly like the look of the flower parts. Still, the overall shape of the flower is round, complementing the bird and the leaves.

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