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May 15, 2008



Photographs reminding me of my experience with a butterfly just emerging from its chrysalis ... my mother having kept the caterpillar in a jar until its unfolding. Here's the poem:

My Mother and the Butterfly
Fall 1999

Mathematical magic
Circular to oval to triangular

Biological bemusement
From the stillness of a tiny egg
To the mystery of flight.

Orange and blue contrapuntal colors
As close as my breath
She walks on my hand
Unfolding and evolving before my eyes.

In a world of darkness
The light of nature’s wonder
Reminds me
To stay alive
One more day.


These are so beautiful. It is not surprising that you are featuring these butterflies today. In the metaphysical world, they are associated with the spirits of our departed loved ones. I see him in every pic!

Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks, Debii. I appreciate your acknowledgment and your remembering Sam. I also appreciate your letting me know that butterflies are associated with the spirits of our departed loved ones.

I am particularly drawn to the white and black one and will put up a page of different photos of him on my site, linking to Remembering Sam -

(Done - See

Suzanne Holman

Sheila, butterflies have always been particularly meaningful for me....
My favorite of these three photos is the bottom one.....something about it is just so peaceful.
Today was a tough day for me, seeing my mom who has Alzheimers in a very withdrawn state, nonverbal....even though she was sitting in the hall...seemed unable to stay awake.... She seems to be moving away from this realm.
hugs to you from s:)

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