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April 09, 2008



This first flower just reminded me of the fingers of the buddha, not sure what the mudra represents but its where his middle finger curls over to meet the palm,
this beautiful golden yellow also buddhic
what was it blake said, "to see a world in a grain of sand and eternity in a flower" something like that
many thanks Sheila


I pondered your question Sheila, wondering about it. When do I feel "phony" and artificial. It can have nothing to do with makeup which I rarely ever wear. It can have to do with my way of being when I am not expressing who I truly am in very vibrant moment! My desire is for authenticity, the real Essence of me to come blooming forth once again. I know it is already here, hidden under layers of thoughts, ideas, beliefs given to me, or forced upon me by well meaning parents, adults, friends, schools, teachers.. How seldom a child is allowed to grow up into the vibrant rich truth it intends to!

The flowers in the vase appear to be dancing for you, flowing and in motion! I loved their grace and soft, yet very present "Being-ness"! The single flower was soft and sensuous and I enjoyed it was not perfectly shaped as our minds want things to be so often, and so we are always looking at ourselves as falling short of some idea of unachievable perfection. This is the handiwork of God, always perfect, regardless of how it might appear otherwise!

Everything we eat and use and wear originated from natural materials, we converted into something else, be it a plastic fern, a cigarette, a birthday cake or clothes. I ponder if and when it really stops being a part of God. Does it really stop being "real" and what does "real and fake" actually mean, except the meaning we give to the words?

I talk to my animals, my plants, my computer, my car, my bed.....grateful for their being in my life! Science tells us even the molecules in rocks are moving, just slower than a plant or a person!

I must admit they are getting really good at making "artificial/fake" trees/plants these days I find in offices. I sometimes cannot tell unless I get up close and touch the dirt! I also find real plants in offices which seem devoid of life and almost listless. Perhaps it is difficult to grow there without a lot of loving attention?

Since I view everything as "real" on some level, I feel the loving attention I give things, perhaps gives them "more life" than they might have living in someone else's home?

I consider it part of my purpose in life to find "beauty" wherever I look, because nothing has meaning, except the meaning I choose to give it. The eyes are my poorest judge of character, value and essence. It takes my heart and soul to intuit the essence of what I am seeing with only my eyes. Those daisies told me they were so adoring your appreciation of their beauty and dance and choosing to bring them home!

Endless Love, Morgine

Lauren Strouse

Sunshine in a flower
Reaching skyward towards
its' source
Light and life expressed
Blessing those who
take notice

Appreciatively as always

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