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April 29, 2008



You sweetheart ...thanks for the mention. I was just ending a long busy day and saw your e-zine in my box ... I was eager to open it up and see what you were up to this week since our visit in May is just around the corner! Your experiment is lovely ...very light and airy. Is it multiply or some other groovy layer effect that I do not know about?


I'm also interested in Photography and find it a great tool to escape with.
When looking through the view finder one has to focus more carefully on a subject.
Since starting Photography I've often been asked, "do you touch your photos", the answer is "Yes".
I like to inject my vision and emotion into what ever I do.

Keep up the good work.

Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks for your comments, Becca. Regarding the process there are two layers, with a third in between. The transparent gradient tool is used in the middle blank layer.

I can explain further on the phone, or we'll play when you come visit. In the meantime, I did two more blends, posted on FlickR now, using the same two photos - One photo has the bird as the background, the other the water. See

Sheila Finkelstein


Thanks for your comments and acknowledgment. I like the way you speak of "touching" your photos through your viewfinder - "injecting your vision and emotion into whatever you do." It's what I'm doing, I guess what we all do, without really thinking about it.

Regarding "escape" - I've often said when I need a "mood shift" I take my camera for a walk. Do you have your photos posted anywhere on the web?



No problems Sheila, I just like to acknowledge another fellow traveler that seems to be traveling a parallel pathway. I do have a small gallery of images that I have taken if your readers are interested they can have a look see here >

I also had similar musing a week ago and put a page together

I notice also that you have some DVD's out, you are doing what I want to do, and have already completed the first.

It's funny how one thing can lead us into another and slowly but surely we find like minded souls.

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