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March 18, 2008



YES what would our entire WORLD be like for each one of us, if tomorrow, we gave up labeling anything? What would happen if we stopped attempting to categorize things to make sure we put them in their right boxes. Somehow we give something a name and we feel we have caught its "essence" and that is it! We discovered it, named it, and now onto the next!

What IF we let go. What IF we totally let go. Like a woman in this video when she had a stroke
who was able to be in that space for a while of not knowing and seeing things in a different way.

What IF we looked at this photograph as if we were a young child, never having before seen such a thing!! What is this? What does it do? Does it smell? Where does it live? How old is it? Wow I love the colors!! It looks a little bit like ....a lady dancing, an old man with a purple and white beard and a big Maybe it is a flower fairy or something I have never heard about before!!

We do this in life with the People we know. We think we know who are friends are, or who a candidate really is, or a neighbor, family member. We put them in boxes too and keep looking at the old descriptions in our mind.

I know when I walk by a tree in my yard, it is never the same tree. Things are growing and dying and changing on it all the time. Things change with people too. Their thoughts, beliefs, worries, passions, all transforming around.

Thank you Sheila for reminding us to let go and JUST BE here IN THE NOW, looking at "what is" in this moment, with life, with nature, with our friends and even with ourselves. We are all changing as well and the more we honor that, the easier life Perhaps...
Endless Love, Morgine

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