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March 25, 2008



Who knew Banana Trees were so amazingly beautiful inside?

As for games... as a family, we love letterboxing - it's kind of like a mix between a hike and a treasure hunt.

If I need to refresh myself real quick during the day, I try some of the games here: These games are beautiful and the music for each is so cool!

It's important to do your work... but it's also important to take time to do fun things - to enjoy your life and have fun!

Sheila Finkelstein

What fun, the site, Jenn! What is letterboxing.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing.


ooooo Letterboxing is this really neat sort of treasure hunt. Basically, people hide a rubber stamp and a pad of paper somewhere on a hiking trail. It can be under rocks, or in a hollowed out tree - where ever it can be relatively safe from the elements.

Then, they post clues at the Letterboxing web site as to where the box is hidden. You take the clues and find the box.

When you find it, you take their stamp, and stamp it on your Letterboxing pad (so you have a record of the boxes you've found). Then, you take your team stamp and stamp the pad that's in the box. You can write a little message to the person who hid the box as well.

It's really neat. You can see in the box who else has found it - people from all over the country do this. The web site is:

We have a blast!

Lauren Strouse

I loved this photo - it was really intriguing. At first I thought it was sometime of rock - like an agate or something cut in half because the blue looks very metallic, but it also reminded me of being inside some type of domed building look upward, maybe a prehistoric hut or fantasy hut belonging to yet unknown beings. I keep going back to this one and simple "imagining."
Thank you as always!

Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks, Lauren. Your interpretations are fun.

DId you go to
to see what it is or are you satisfied simply being with it as is and however it comes up for you? Whichever way is great.

And back at you, thank YOU, as always, for taking the time to respond
and play.

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