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January 15, 2008


Katherine Reschke

Sheila, I LOVE the picture of the open red doors leading to the beautiful garden. I can see myself standing on the threshold and taking a big deep breath of early morning air before I take a step forward. It feels like a wonderful metaphor for where I stand right now, about to take my business to the next level.


I really did feel the top photo "inviting" me in. I suppose all doors have that potential, but this photo really nailed it.

Ina Ames

Sheila, You absolutely have to put that bridge on a clock. Imagine the serenity of looking at a clock and seeing that fabulous scene. Of course, I'm always partial to the swan. Oh, decisions.

Sheila Finkelstein

Hi Ina,
I'm assuming that you are referring to the Morikami bridge in V4- Issue 4 -

I did take your advice and put it on the face of a clock - See

Thanks for the suggestion.

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