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January 18, 2008


Lauren Strouse

Sheila - what a gorgeous rose! I do so love flowers. The beauty of this rose made me think about a gift I received. I have never had an amaryllis before, but friends gave me one this past holiday season. The flowers were a deep, velvety, burgundy red - similar to your rose and just beautiful. About the time the main blooms were dying back, I noticed a new bud rising from the plant base. I thought it would be just one more flower, but to my amazement and joy, when the bud opened there were actually four blossoms inside. Altogether, I have been able to enjoy these beautiful blooms for a solid month! Thank you for the beauty you share and contribute to my world.

Sheila Finkelstein

Thank you, Lauren. And thanks for the reminder of the Amaryllis. Several years ago, for a couple of winter holiday seasons, I would buy Amaryllis. This was long before we moved to "tropical flower land" (though this rose was not local). I loved the them. Now to find a source for the flower year-round, if that's possible.

Jenneken Berends

Dear Sheila,
This rose really touches me. For months I have been doing a rose-meditation as explained in a beautifull book by Sharon McErlane on restoring the yin-yang balance on earth . I recognize myself in your rose: it has one little bruised spot on an outer petal yet it is blooming as the flower it was intended to be!
Love you for your sharing.
Jenneken Berends
The Netherlands beautifull. in spotI was r

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